What are the protective features of Molded case circuit breaker?

Publish Time: 2024-01-03
Molded case circuit breaker is a common electrical protection device used to detect faults or abnormal conditions in the circuit and cut off the current in time to protect electrical equipment and personal safety. Here are some common protective features of Molded case circuit breakers:
Overload protection: Molded case circuit breaker can detect whether there is an overcurrent condition through changes in current load. When the current exceeds the rated load current of the circuit breaker, the circuit breaker will sense this overcurrent and quickly cut off the circuit.
Short circuit protection: Molded case circuit breaker can also detect short circuit faults in the circuit. When a short circuit occurs in a circuit, the current will quickly increase to abnormal levels, and the circuit breaker will cut off the current through an internal magnetic release mechanism to prevent excessive current from causing damage to equipment and personnel.
Earthquake protection: Some molded case circuit breakers also have an earthquake protection function, that is, in the event of an earthquake or strong vibration, the circuit breaker will automatically trigger and cut off the current to avoid earthquake damage to electrical equipment or the risk of electric shock.
Leakage protection: Some Molded case circuit breakers are also equipped with leakage protection. Leakage current protectors detect leakage current, which occurs when current flows to the ground through an insulation fault or through contact with a live part. When the leakage current exceeds the preset value, the circuit breaker will quickly cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock accidents caused by leakage.
Short-time overcurrent protection: In addition to instantaneous short-circuit protection, some molded case circuit breakers also have short-time overcurrent protection. When a brief excess current flows through a circuit, a circuit breaker can tolerate a period of time without immediately shutting off power to accommodate temporary changes in power demand.
These protective characteristics make Molded case circuit breaker a commonly used protection device in electrical equipment, which can effectively prevent electrical faults, current overloads, short circuits and other situations that may cause harm to equipment and personnel. The appropriate molded case circuit breaker needs to be selected based on the specific use environment and application requirements to provide appropriate protection.


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